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Regina Carmichael, RN is LVISD's district nurse and can be reached
at 512-267-8300 ext. 3505

All of LVISD nurses are happy to help in any way we can with your
child's health issues.

Each campus has its own Health Clinic for students. If you need to
contact the staff member in charge of your child's clinic:

Elementary School Middle School
Tara Roberts, LVN
512-267-8300 ext 4505 
512-267-8362 FAX
Terri Harkins
512-267-8300 ext 2505
512-267-8329 FAX
Intermediate School High School

Regina Carmichael, RN
512-267-8300 ext 3505
512-267-8363 FAX

Jennifer Chiappone, LVN
512-267-8300 ext 5506
512-267-8330 FAX

Sick Student

We applaud your efforts to get your children to school as many days as possible but there will be days when that is not a good idea for both the health of your child or the other students.

LVISD likes their students to stay home until they have had 24 hours free of vomiting or fever (of 100 degrees or more without needing medicine to bring the fever down.) This is your child's best chance to heal quickly and our best defense against contagious illnesses running all through the school. 

Our guidelines for being sent home or for staying home have been referred to as The 5 B's: The names aren't elegant but the kids like them...

Baking - Having a temperature of 100 degrees or more.

Bleeding - Needing stitches

Barfing - Vomiting

Broken - Can't walk safely, even with crutches

Blatantly miserable - Sometimes there isn't a real measurement but if your child can't concentrate because they are constantly coughing, achy, wrung out... I'll call and let you decide...

A terrific children's health website for parents with health questions is Kids Health

LVISD rules state that students are not allowed to carry medications. Any medicine that they need must be kept in the school nurse's office. All medications must be sent to the nurse in their original container along with written permission from the parent to take it. 

The only exception to that rule is inhalers for asthmatics, Epi-Pens for students with serious allergies and diabetics whose parents have contacted the school nurse.

For students who need to carry inhalers for medical reasons, click here for the form that needs to be completed annually.

For students who need to carry EpiPens for medical reasons, click here for the form that needs to be completed annually.

To send in medications for your student to have available in the clinic, click here for the form that needs to be completed annually.

The nurses are no longer able to provide any medicine for students.
All medicines must come from the parent or guardian with written permission on file.

Eye Test
Health screenings are done at specified intervals and for any other
individual student thought to be having problems. Parents will be
notified if there are any concerns that require follow-up with a
physician. The screenings include:

Vision & Hearing (EE, PK, K, 1, 3, 5, 7th)

Scoliosis (6th and 9th) Learn more here about scoliosis.

Acanthosis Nigricans (5th and 7th) Click here for a description of the condition.

Height & Weight (3-12 for students in athletics and PE)

Comic Character
It sounds gross and can be embarrassing, but Bugs Happen! It's a very
common problem, but they are not dangerous and they don't spread
disease. They can't jump, they can't fly... they can only crawl. So head
to head contact is the most typical way of spreading it. Sleep-overs,
shared hats or hoodies, shared combs or brushes, play that is close and

Per the recommendations from the CDC when students are found to
have active cases of head lice, their parents will be notified that
treatment needs to be done that night at home. They can then be 
readmitted the next day after treatment for the lice.

If you find your child has head lice, it is very helpful to let the school
nurse know so a class letter can go out to other parents. Be assured,
no names are used to protect privacy, but, if all heads in the
classroom are checked by their parents, your chances of
success go way up. 

Click here for parent's helpful ideas document.

This is a great video that shows what lice and their eggs
(called nits) look like. Click here

A second video shows excellent combing technique. Please understand
that I am not recommending any particular lice shampoo, I just love how
they do their hair combing and know that parents who use good combing
get great results. Click here
Nurse Penguin

The State of Texas requires up-to-date immunization records. Click here to see the immunization requirements for Texas. You will receive a notice from the school if your child is due for a vaccination. 

Take a copy of your child's immunization record with you to any appointment. You can view and download your child's school immunization records by logging into your student's Parent Portal at TxConnect.

Where to go to get your immunizations...

   - You can contact your private doctor
   - You can go to one of the two physicians in Lago Vista:      
Click here for map and phones.

    - If your child is uninsured or underinsured.  
You can go to The Williamson County Annex in Cedar Park 
         Cost is $10 per child. Click here for map and phone.

BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE Ask for documentation so you can get proof to the school ASAP.

Many of our students have allergies to foods, either from touch, ingestion, or even airborne ones from just being in the same room with the allergen. The most common are nuts, dairy, wheat, shrimp, and a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Our food service company does not serve anything with nuts in it for the protection of our students.

But, because families occasionally send in food with nuts for their own child, WE ARE NOT NUT FREE. We do not want anyone to let their guard down assuming that because our cafeterias do not serve it, there is no need to be vigilant. We are always vigilant. 

If your child has any food allergies or intolerances, please inform both the school nurse and your child's teachers. Click here for ALLERGY ACTION PLAN form and bring to school.
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